About Us

How it All Went Down


Ethically Sourced Leather

When we first heard about African leathers, we soundly rejected the idea of using them in our products.

Consequently, we were then provided government documentation describing the importance of supporting these majestic creatures, and we reconsidered.

Our research revealed that when an animal perishes, and Game Wardens are able to respond quickly, the meat can be harvested to feed local villagers and the hide is sold to a government-controlled tannery. Therefore, these hides are meticulously tracked and monitored. The proceeds, in turn, pay the wages of the Game Wardens while aiding park funding to keep the animals safe from poachers. 


The Need

In 2010, when AG Gregoroff was hiking in his hometown of San Diego, the strap on one of his flip-flops snapped. Still far from camp, he was forced to lace paracord through the top, weaving it between his toes, but the rough material left his toes bloody and sore. An idea was sparked, and he started to look for an indestructible pair of flip-flops to wear hiking, to the beach, and off the mats.

The Want

A military contractor at the time, AG left for the island of Japan shortly thereafter. Once there, he visited some of the leather crafters of the Okinawa jungle, where he had heard tales of their legendary craftsmanship. He visited the bamboo hut of a master artisan that specialized in leather footwear. AG brought him some of his designs, and together they created a pair of ultra-durable flip-flops.

The Dope Result

Years of trial and error passed, and AG was able to duplicate, then surpass, the quality of that first pair of flip-flops curated so many years earlier in the jungle. AG and his team have since perfected their process, and have been producing custom flip-flops for customers all over the world ever since. 

Now, Toehold® is owned and operated by AG Gregoroff. Under his leadership, Toehold® manufactures flip-flops that are hand-crafted with ethically sourced leathers, unparalled in uniqueness and durability. His promise to incorporate the highest quality materials into truly dope products that will last for years to come.