How do I break in my Toehold flip flops?

Breaking in Toehold flip flops can be easy for most people.  The process takes about a week, and the result is an extremely customized fit and feel.

Since the knowledge to breaking in high-quality leather has been lost to time, here are the steps:

Slide your foot into the flip flop. Put more pressure on the outside strap. This will lay flat over time. Walk around for 10-15 minutes and remove them, then repeat the process.

While you’re walking, the leather is absorbing the heat and oils from your feet, which molds and shapes the leather to your unique foot shape.

Caution: Do not over-wear flip flops in the beginning. Your feet need time to adjust. Depending on how soft and sensitive your feet are, this process might need to stretch over time. If you notice hotspots forming, reduce the wear time by half or wear socks during the break-in period.

Watch this video for more information. As always, shoot us a message for assistance. 

Can I get my flip flops wet?

Water is used to shape and create leather. When you get leather wet, it won’t hurt it, but it increases its elasticity and reshapes itself. Example, if you had wet flip flops and you left something onto of the straps, once dry, they will stay in that new shape.   

Wet leather also changes drastically in color. Think of a white pair of sneakers. If you wear them in mud, the color will obviously change, and the shape will stretch out a bit. ll that being said, I personally wear my flip flops in water and mud al the time. (AG, Toehold CEO)

How long do flip flops take to make?

Our flip flops are made entirely by hand. There are about 550 steps involved in making a pair. We focus on perfection, not speed. Therefore, it takes up to several weeks to make a pair of flip flops from start to finish.

How long will my flip flops last?

The leather will last for a long time. The tread can last for several years. If you walk like a normal person, expect a long-lasting flip flop.

Dragging any portion of your feet can cause the tread to wear down much quicker. I’ve witnessed my friend, who drags his feet like a mouth-breathing Neanderthal, wear his tread out in a matter of months.

You determine how long your tread lasts. If you notice uneven wear, balance the way you walk. 

What are my Toehold flip flops made of?

The straps are made out of high-quality, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather and/or ethically-sourced exotic leather. 

Every pair is equipped with a vegetable-tanned leather base. If you order exotics, they are bonded to a firm piece of said vegetable-tanned leather for strength and structure.

We also use an American made, slip-resistant Vibram tread. 

Do I need to condition the leather?

The flip flops are treated at the shop before they’re sent to you. Just wear them and enjoy them.

How can I get the most out of my tread?

This is the easiest question to answer. Pick up your feet when you walk. If you drag your feet they will wear out quickly. Nothing can handle being scraped against  the ground, even a car tire wears out super fast if you skid it on the road. Pick up your feet and walk like a human. Additionally, if you notice uneven wear, your walking in an unbalanced manor, correct it.