Golden Eagle Ray

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  • Color: Golden
  • Leather: Stingray/Eagle Ray 
  • Hand Made 
  • High Quality
  • One of a Kind
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • 550 Step Process
  • Unique with individual characteristics ***


The History of Stingray Leather

Stingray skin has been used for centuries by different cultures and civilizations for various purposes. Some of the earliest records of stingray skin usage date back to ancient Egypt, where artists and craftsmen valued it for its beauty, uniqueness and strength. They used it for armor, jewelry and personal items, and even buried some of their pharaohs with stingray skin objects. Many ancient people believed that stingray skin was a symbol of wealth, power and good luck.

In Japan, stingray skin was also highly appreciated, especially by the samurai warriors. They used it for their armor, sword handles and tools, as it provided a reliable grip and resistance to punctures, fire and water. Stingray skin was also considered a sign of honor and prestige among the Japanese elite.

Today, stingray skin is still a coveted material for fashion lovers who appreciate its rarity, durability and elegance. Stingray skin can be used for almost anything, from wallets to furniture. It has a distinctive pebbly texture and a shiny pearl-like marking on the back that gives it a unique charm.

Stingray skin is also one of the most durable leathers in the world. It is about 25 times more resistant than cowhide leather. It can withstand scratches, tears, water and fire. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Stingray skin is not an endangered species, as it is widely fished for its meat in many parts of the world. However, it is still a rare and expensive material, as it requires special skills and techniques to process it. Only a few tanneries in the world can produce high-quality stingray leather.

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